2012-2013 Blackburn Eagles

Manager - Darren Shaw 07590 311097 Team Roster
Assistant Manager -
Ken Armstrong
Coaching Staff 2012/13 Scott Barnett
Scott Barnett (Lead Coach) Wesley Barnett
Greg Newton Jordan Bertwistle
Joshua Bertwistle
Robert Cooke
Matthew Gibson
Thomas Elm
Steven Hetherington
Jake Higham
Ryan Hindle
Max Hudson
Adam Leaver
Joshua Lee
Adam Lutkevitch
Craig Lutkevitch
Paul Mercer
Greg Newton
Philip Pearson
Matthew Phair
James Hepburn Riddoch
Christopher Royds
Nicholas Saxton
Darren Shaw
David Vince
Christian Wareing
David Williams


Some WikiHistory About The Lancashire Raptors (Blackburn Eagles)

In April 2007, the English Ice Hockey Association restructured the age limits for competing players, reclassifying the under 19 age limit as under 18.  This left many 19 year old players in the country without a team to play for regularly. One such team affected was the Blackburn Ice Hockey Development Association (BIHDA), the junior development programme for the Blackburn Hawks; those that were deemed not good enough to play for the Hawks were left with the choice of either recreational hockey or giving up on the sport. This is were the Blackburn Junior Hawks committee stepped in with the decision to set up a second senior team playing out of the Arena alongside the Hawks.  This team, unlike the Hawks, would get no funding from the Arena: the players would primarily fund the team through monthly subs on the same basis as the junior teams.

Mark Ward was selected to be the Raptors coach after expressing his interest in running the team which alongside his wealth of knowledge of the sport, having been a previous coach of the Hawks and many years of playing, made him the ideal man for the job.

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